Two scales for healthy nutritious eating

DSS Glycemic Index Pyramid

Above graphic from a talk by nephrologist Jason Fung.

Below from a Nutrient Density study by Ph. D. Mat Lalonde presented in 2012.


You may have noticed recently I’ve been caught up in food. Perhaps a more scientific way of saying it, researching nutrition and nutritious and healthful eating. Partly for my diabetes, partly just for my health and longevity.

It goes without saying there’s a lot of contradictory advice about healthy eating, whether you have diabetes or not. There are a lot of experts who disagree about almost everything like the low fat/high carb or high fat/low carb debate, whether paleo is really healthy or a prehistoric gimmick, fasting and whether a calorie is a calorie.

I believe it makes sense to educate yourself. Read varying points of view, then try things out on yourself and see what works for you. Just as we say in diabetes, “Your diabetes may vary” a different way of eating may work better for you than me.

That said, the Glycemic Index Pyramid above, which comes from one of Dr. Jason Fung’s obesity lectures, tends to guide my eating. Although I don’t eat much dairy. Below it I posted the conclusion from a study by Mat Lalonde, Ph.D. Lalonde created a nutrient density scale which I find interesting. If you want to see his research, he explains it in this video.

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