What to avoid at the grocery store – and why

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The information below arrived in my inbox from my friend and naturopathic Dr. Jody Stanislaw. I think it’s good information so I wanted to share. I couldn’t agree more with Jody’s assessment that In today’s grocery stores, sadly, most of what you see should not be called ‘food.’

Most items are NOT food… they’re ‘products,’ aka processed food…cereal, cookies, crackers, even most yogurts….packed with chemicals, salt, and sugar, sold by companies out to make a profit, and not interested in your health.

Processed foods make up over 70% of today’s diet. This is NOT helping the health statistics of our country, to say the least. To remedy this, and enjoy the benefit of greatly increasing your health, increase your intake of foods grown from nature…vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats, fish…at every meal.

As a starting point, here are 6 processed food products you should AVOID entirely and why:

#1) Canned Tomatoes
  • Tin cans are often lined with a toxic chemical called BPA. Although it can happen with all canned food, the acidity of tomatoes causes the BPA to greatly leach into the food. Buy tomatoes only in glass containers, or better yet, fresh.

#2) Processed Deli Meats

  • Deli meats such as ham, salami, turkey, and roast beef are generally sourced from animals raised in deplorable living conditions and given injections of hormones, antibiotics, chemical flavorings, dyes, and sodium nitrite = cancer causing ingredients. Cut up your own chicken or turkey instead.

#3) Microwave Popcorn

  • Microwave popcorn bags are lined with chemicals to grease-proof the bag…which end up leaching into the kernels when heated. These chemicals are part of a group called ‘gender-bending’ because they can cause infertility, as well as thyroid issues, cancer, raise your bad cholesterol, and lower your immune system. I suggest also avoiding all food in grease-proof wrapping, especially if it’s hot.

#4) Most Vegetable Oils

  • Because they contain the word ‘vegetable,’ they should be healthy, right? WRONG. Oils such as canola, soy, and corn are not only likely genetically modified, but when you cook with them, they turn your good cholesterol into bad. For cooking, the only oil I recommend is coconut oil, and for salads, use virgin, cold-pressed olive oil.

#5) Table Salt

  • Salt is essential for life. But not all salt is created equal. Table salt has practically nothing in common with natural salt. Natural salt, such as sea salt or himalayan salt, not only has less sodium chloride, but also contains naturally occurring beneficial minerals such as silicon, phosphorus, and vanadium.

#6) Artificial Sweeteners

  • Sweeteners such as Splenda and Equal have been shown to actually stimulate appetite, increase carbohydrate cravings, and cause weight gain and fat storage. Furthermore, studies point to these chemicals causing neurological problems. Use raw honey or stevia instead.

Dr. Stanislaw often gives free phone seminars. Check out her site and move toward greater health.

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