The muffin, bread and biscotti you and your blood sugar will love!

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 10.52.49 AM

A square of Life Changing Bread

Throughout my twenties and early thirties I was a scone-aholic. I admit it, you could usually find a crumb or two still on me any time of day. That sweet smell of butter still on my fingertips. No scone was safe from me.

I remember when the wholly dedicated scone store first hit New York City. Giant puffs of browned dough, a smell wafting through the store that could bring you to your knees. Right on the corner of 72nd Street and Broadway I’d found heaven.

I would pass each morning and leave the shop with my warm-from-the-oven raisin nut scone. The fact that I could bring it fully intact from the shop on my 45 minute walk to work where I would then savor it with a cup of coffee, was a feat of true mettle.

A few years later a gorgeous high-end Italian gourmet store called Mangia moved into town. What was their enticement? Whole wheat scones. Now I could have my scone and be healthy too. Of course we know better now, but not until I had racked up at least five hundred little squares of brown-tinged delight.

Okay, so I’ve gone scone-less and muffin-less for more than fifteen years, yes, for the sake of my blood sugar. But over the past several months I’ve found three baked goods that I whip up at home that satisfy every urge I’ve ever had for something nutty, crumbly and delicious.

Click here for the amazing 1 minute muffin, life-changing bread and chocolate ginger biscotti that are guaranteed to spike your tastebuds – but not your blood sugar. They are all exceptionally low carb and gluten-free. Enjoy!

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