New health strategy: Live like a diabetic

I was doing some research this morning for the book I’m currently writing on flourishing with diabetes when I came across a note I’d made to myself. Re-read this article.

Alex O’Meara, author of the post, received two islet cell transplants and was diabetes-free for two years. What’s interesting is during that time as he says, “I did not go out and eat a chocolate Easter bunny. I didn’t sit with gallons of Ben & Jerry’s and sample myself into a gait-altering weight gain. I didn’t gorge at McDonald’s, or drink a pony keg of Pabst Blue Ribbon…” He still thought and acted like a diabetic continuing to eat healthy and exercise.

Almost two years after the transplant his islet cells began to die and he was back to taking insulin shots. But as he says, “I realized my entire life might be a whole lot better as a result of living it as a diabetic.”

I always say I’m healthier due to having diabetes. I would not have given up my beloved scones or walk through snow and slush each winter day had I not the reason to maintain my insulin sensitivity and live a long and healthy life. Maybe we ought to tell our fellow Americans to live like a diabetic [granted, without the constant carb calculations, shots, devices, frustration and worries  ;-)] and watch their health improve.

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