Positive-speak is surprisingly human

Little girl_2 I’m always a little leery of coming off as Pollyanna talking about flourishing with diabetes and issuing my personal mantra, “You can have a great life not despite, but because of diabetes. But lo and behold I appear to be in the majority not the minority, so maybe I don’t have to hold my tongue.

Just this morning the morning news broadcast research on how we talk, and the story was published in the New York Times. Research shows most of us speak more using positive language than negative. We may be consumed with problems in our lives and we see nothing but talking heads discussing how the world is falling apart, after all news has always followed it’s own mantra, “if it bleeds, it leads,” yet as social creatures who enjoy socializing we talk more often about the positive.

Admittedly, one piece of advice to be happier is to avoid negative people, now that seems quite prescient if not wise. For the full article click here.

One thought on “Positive-speak is surprisingly human

  1. I think as humans we’re all naturally optimistic creatures. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have survived. Definitely a good piece of advice to keep in mind, thanks for sharing

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