A NYC Fundraiser for Dr. Jason Baker’s Marjorie’s Fund


Marjorie at Mulago hospital, Kampala, Uganda, February 2011

We were pulled together by a common cause – the ravages of type 1 diabetes in the developing world, where access to medicine and testing supplies are in short supply. 

Thursday evening I attended a kick-off fundraiser for Marjorie’s Fundthe passion-fueled outgrowth of Dr. Jason Baker, NYC endocrinologist. Baker, who got type 1 diabetes himself at the age of 25 while in medical school, established the Fund after meeting Marjorie, one of the many children who through geography – being born and growing up in Uganda – got type 1 diabetes at the age of three, and died at the age of 29 waiting for a kidney she never got.

But now I was sipping something bubbly, standing (yes, still in my bootcast) in a glitzy art showroom in lower Manhattan, talking to the owner of New York City’s premiere cheese shop, Murray’s Cheese, (one of the evening’s sponsors), but we were all there to support the cause.

Meeting Dr. Baker for the first time, I found him as earnest and kind as you would expect. And now you know this mission he has set himself upon is personal as well as professional: to increase education, care and research of type 1 diabetes in the developing world. 

If you donate just $20 you can provide one person with type 1 diabetes a month’s supply of glucose test strips. And feel you did something to make a difference. You will be inspired just listening to Dr. Baker as he stands amid the urgent need for supplies in Uganda. 

For me it was also a rare evening of meeting up with my fellow diabetes advocates. You’d think it happens more in NYC, but everyone’s so busy, we rarely see each other. So it was also a wonderful evening to see the faithful, and remember that what we each do counts amid the massive need, whether here at home or around the world. 

My husband was strolling the room with his camera, so here are a few pictures of friends and fellow guests, amongst whom were – CDE Claudia Slavin, who’s worked with Dr. Baker, in center, with CDE/Dietitian Susan Weiner and me, below, CDE Joy Pape and Susan and me, DiabetesDad, Tom Karlya who played Master of Ceremonies for the Silent Auction (to which I donated a number of copies of my book, “The ABC’s Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes”), Merith Basey, Director of International Operations of Ayuda with Howard Steinberg formerly of dLife, and Tom putting on his don’t-kid-me-now-face for the auction. 


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