The healing power of friends



Spring has sprung. I’m looking at the tree outside my window full with pink and white flowers while I’m sitting at this computer writing my next book. It’s going to be a small handbook of the key things to do to stay healthy with diabetes and lots of suggestions how to do ’em. So as I’m writing I thought I’d like to share one step with you for taking care of your diabetes. 

Collect Good Friends, Even If You’re Not A Collector 

If you’re planning on starting a collection, skip rare stamps, miniature toys, and vintage handbags, and head straight for the collection that pays dividends whether the market is up or down – good friends. Good friends don’t take up much space in your home and they’ll be there to cheer you when you’ve lost your cheer. Good friends say nice things about you even when you don’t, and they provide a shoulder to cry on when it’s all too much. 

Diabetes may from time to time make you feel alone; I know. But collect good friends and I guarantee you’ll find diabetes easier to live with. Plus, studies show that having friends, and strong social networks, can improve your blood pressure, memory and decrease physical ailments, cognitive decline, depression and Alzheimer’s. And don’t forget the biggest benefit of all – you’ll hardly ever have to dust them! 

• Let your friends know that you value them and schedule a get-together

• If you’ve been shouldering a lot of pain and stress, see if a friend would be willing to listen or help. Most people want to help others. 

• Do something new that you think you’ll enjoy where you’ll also meet new people – take a class, volunteer at your church. You’re very likely to make a new friend or acquaintance there. 

• Having friends who have diabetes is especially gratifying. Consider volunteering at your local American Diabetes Association or Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation office. 

I don’t know where I’d be without my friends, and I hope I never find out.

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