Bridging the gap between patient and provider

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I’m part of a new service being offered by QuantiaMD called “Ask the Patient.” I’ll be answering health care provider’s (HCP) questions about what it’s like to live with diabetes, and how they can help their patients achieve better control and make healthy behavior changes. Given the strong emphasis on cut and cure in medical training and bare mention of behavior change, here’s an opportunity for providers to understand how to turn on a patient’s desire, skills, hope, and enthusiasm to take care of their diabetes. 

Here’s my page which consists of a 3 minute introduction of myself, explanation of the service and a call for questions. After questions are submitted I’ll my answers will be presented in a follow-up video.  

The service is available only to HCPs so patients will not know what you are asking. All you have to do is sign up.Members can access QuantiaMD for free through any smartphone, tablet or computer.  

If you are a health care provider, or know of someone you think this would benefit please pass this along. Having patient-experts as resources to help HCPs better understand what we deal with is to me a fantastic idea, and a brilliant way to help both patients and health care providers achieve better outcomes. 

Ask the Patient

A new doctor-patient relationship feature coordinating an active conversation between health care providers, and selected patient experts, exclusively on QuantiaMD. Through Ask the Patient, QuantiaMD is bringing the patient’s perspective on engagement, chronic disease, medical errors and many more topics to their community of clinicians. QuantiaMD is a medical learning network where HCPs connect with and learn from knowledgeable patients eager to share their experiential wisdom. On QuantiaMD, physicians learn about clinical advances from expert faculty and connect professionally to better manage their practices, support their patients, and take care of themselves. 

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