Roche and ADA heat up San Diego

As usual at the Roche social media summit I had a lovely time gathering with others in this blogosphere and getting to know several people better. This time it was the lovely Wil du Bois and Bernard Farrell. 

Wil is a man of all trades: type 1, diabetes educator in New Mexico, truly hearing the call to help those in need, author and advocate. He’s also guest posting on DiabetesMine each Saturday.

Bernard is a type 1, technocrat, blogger now with and hails from the misty shores of Ireland. He said one of the most moving things we all heard at the summit. To paraphrase, it’s hard to pick up and play with your child when you fear going low. 

As usual, I have to hand it to Roche, maker of Accu-chek products, who still seem invested in this relationship with the social media community, and they see it as a two way street. Todd Siesky and Rob Muller do the heavy-lifting for the summit, and are maestros. And, if I’m not giving away any top secrets, Rob says not only does he like “yearning” music like me, but he produces it. I’m waiting for the proof!

We had brainstorming sessions about making social media even more impactful and were treated to discussions with the President of theInternational Diabetes FederationJean-Claude Mbanya, the President of JDRF, Jeffrey Brewer, and a presentation from CDE/psychologist Bill Polonsky of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute.

In brief: IDF is looking for greater partnership with American diabetes organizations and bloggers and to make their blue circle for World Diabetes Day the international symbol for diabetes awareness. I love the poster they presented that “O is for Outrage.” We should be outraged so little attention is paid to solve this epidemic that will take down 1 in 2 people within another few decades. Mr. Brewer explained that while JDRF would no longer be referred to by what those letters originally stood for (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) like “IBM” the letters alone will represent the company. This is largely due to the fact that they realize children with type 1 diabetes grow up and they want to be more inclusive. They’re also investing more in management solutions along the way to a cure.

And Mr. Polonsky treated us to a presentation on “safe” and “unsafe” vacations managing our diabetes. Suffice to say if you notice the seasons change before you test your blood sugar you’re on an unsafe vacation, my friend.

The other news is that across the road at the San Diego convention center, the American Diabetes Association’s 71st Scientific Conference began just as we, housed at the Hard Rock Hotel, ended. Was fun to see so many diabetes faces roaming around the sidewalk.

I however did not stay for the ADA conference, so hop over toDiabetesMine where Amy Tenderich has been, and continues to, cover the conference. The conference ends today but she’s collected so much good information she’ll be writing about it for weeks to come.

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