Dancing with your provider?

A Swiss approach to healing

As I head out to San Diego for the annual Roche diabetes bloggers social summit, I want to leave you with a beautiful piece of film that looks at the patient-provider relationship from an entirely different angle. The dance floor.

Imagine gathering in a room with fellow patients and providers to dance. Imagine how much more open everyone immediately becomes, how much more trusting and real as bodies bump up against each other. Doctors were as surprised as patients at the joy and openness they felt and how everyone lost their label of patient or provider and become a fellow person. From there, and then outside the dance room, interaction comes from a much more real and connected place. 

Imagine this quality of relationship with your care-giver. Once you do, you can imagine what this project discovered, that both care-giver and patient saw each other differently, the quality of the relationship changed and both were able to better nourish and advance the wellness process. 

Benedetta Barabino created this project in Switzerland where she lives. Benedetta holds a PhD in biology and a creative and curious mind from which she is always working on out-of-the-box projects to advance the healing process. 

I met Benedetta at the annual International Diabetes Federation World Congress conference almost two years ago where I was impressed by a similar project she was working on: having patients and providers work through blocks and barriers and advance healing through scripting and directing a play of their disease experience. 

Crazy stuff? Not so much when you consider what we’re doing isn’t working so well and that creative expression – whether dance-therapy, art-therapy or acting – can open a door to healing we seldom expose ourselves to.

By the way, the dance classes continue in Switzerland. Enjoy the video.

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