How brave are you with your life?

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 4.07.39 PMSing your song as only you can sing it

“Be brave with your life, so that others can be brave with theirs.” That’s a quote I read recently. Unfortunately I can’t remember where, but I do remember it, because I love it.

It means stick your neck out, follow your dream, sing your song and know that you’re not being pushy, but a role model inspiring others to do the same. 

While I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I did assume a mantra last year, “Be bold.” And it moved me to do things, and risk rejection, I wouldn’t have otherwise. And that stretched me and brought me wonderful new things, and projects, like writing for the Huffington Post and speaking at numerous conferences to both patients and providers.

This year my mantra is, “Be bolder.” And, I now find myself repeating often in my head, “Be brave with your life, so that others can be brave with theirs.” Being brave with your life is not about ego, it is about dropping your ego; it is about putting yourself out there, and as an example leading others to follow. It is a selfless act not a selfish one.

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