You can still be part of the CURE

Yesterday the CURE banner was unfurled in the lobby of Miami’s Diabetes Research Institute (DRI). $63,000 was raised from people like you and me pledging as little as $10 and submitting their photo that’s now part of the banner. This includes a matching gift of $25,000 from campaign sponsors Animas and LifeScan. Monies raised goes to DRI’s singular mission – research for a cure.  

CEO Robert Pearlman said the banner stands as a visible testament to DRI’s mission, a reminder to all the scientists who go to their research laboratories every day how important their work truly is toward finding a cure.

Right now in fact, Scientific Director, Dr. Camillo Ricordi, has teamed with New Jersey’s Hackensack University Medical Center to test implanting insulin-producing islet cells inmonkeys’ abdomens rather than the liver. The hope is this will avoid the need for auto-immune suppression drugs. 

You can make a contribution to DRI either through or on the cure site, including raising your cure contribution to $50 to receive a mouse pad with the CURE image. 

How can you resist? After all I’m somewhere among those 1,300 photos – just on the right side of the ‘R’ 😉

The CURE banner will remain at

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