DiabetesMine “Design Challenge” open for submissions

My friend, design- and politico-advocate, Amy Tenderich, over atDiabetesMine is once again inviting all your great ideas for new and improved designs for diabetes tools and technologies. It’s the third annual DiabetesMine Design Challenge. 

Do you have an idea for an innovative new diabetes device or web application? The DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge is your chance to win big, and potentially help transform life with diabetes for millions of people.

Whether you’re a patient, parent, caregiver, student, entrepreneur, developer, engineer, etc.:  if you’ve got a great idea for a new tool to improve live with diabetes, send your submission!”

This year there will be three Grand Prizes of $7,000 plus a consultation with IDEO, a complimentary pass to this fall’s Health 2.0 conference, and expert help as appropriate. 

The contest is open for submissions until Friday, April 29. Check it out. Allison Blass tells me there’s a brand new video for this year’s contest. 

Nice to see also that my fellow blogger, Bernard Farrell, will be one of the many impressive judges. Bernard has been a passionate commentator on all things regarding diabetes technologies. 


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