Transforming diabetes from pain into purpose

Internist Jeff Horacek


Wellness coach Heather Clute


I’ve had a hellish cold and cough these past few weeks and so little energy to post. So I thought this is a good opportunity to make you aware of something sitting quietly on my ‘Press page.’

I was invited back to the radio show,Transforming Diabetes to talk about some simple tools to help you flourish with diabetes. In other words, help you improve your management and create a life with diabetes that’s healthy, happy, productive and meaningful. 

Hosts M.D. Jeff Horacek and wellness counselor, Heather Clute, honored me as their first repeat guest – probably because we got so gabby on the first show there was still much to talk about. That included steps to living from a more flourishing place.

Dr. Horacek is an animal of a different stripe. He’s one of the most open, caring, active listening physicians I’ve had the pleasure to talk with. His deep concern for learning from, and helping, patients puts him in a class of his own.

Heather, who has had type 1 diabetes almost 15 years, and has an old soul to boot with a specialty in mindfulness, authentically understands the every day ups and downs of living with diabetes.

Check out the blog post and listen to the podcast. It’s a great way to rev up your energy and shift your outlook for the better in just 30 minutes. Then tool around the site and have a listen to any number of podcasts that may interest you. I’m in some very good company.

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