Pushing out a video and what it caught

Like any performer, writers – even bloggers – crave knowing someone’s reading what they’re writing, and benefiting. And we’re always wondering. Several months ago a very well known blogger said to me, “Do you think people are really reading what I’m writing?”

So it’s sweet music when you actually hear from people whether they post a comment or write you directly. Don’t underestimate your effect. 

It’s also great when you know what you’re writing made a difference. 

Manny Hernandez, who spearheaded the big blue test video I helped work on sent this email he received from a viewer yesterday to the team. 

“Last week, I shared the Big Blue Video on Facebook.  One of my brothers reposted the link and shared it as well.  Last night, that brother lay awake in the middle of the night after changing his 5 year olds wet sheets (not unusual to have problems, but thought they finally had the bedwetting under control) 

As he lay there, his mind was working.  The 5 year old has been tired because of the adjustment to all day kindergarten.  Growing too fast and his bladder can’t keep up.  Has been buying extra juice at school, he must not like the food and is hungry.   DING – The pieces all fell into place.  Diabetes.  

Tonight, my brother is in the hospital with a newly diagnosed Type 1 5 year old.  No ketones, bs 230.  So not “full blown” in the words of the hospital staff.  What made my brother’s brain process the information and link on to the signs of diabetes right away?  We can’t know for sure, but I really feel like the video being out there had Diabetes in the front of his mind.  Being able to catch the Diabetes before a ketoacidosis episode – PRICELESS.  

Please share with the people responsible for the awareness caused by the video!  And Thanks!”

Now, for me, that’s priceless. 

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