My results of the Big Blue Test in numbers, and not

Saturday night at 5:46 PM Eastern Time we crossed the finish line to 100,396 views of the Big Blue Test video! It was really exciting to watch the tally rise all day knowing victory was in sight – and trying to figure out just the moment we’d cross the finish line.

Thank you for watching the video and passing it on. Roche’s donation of $75,000 to children in need will save thousands of children’s lives.

I hope you also participated in the bigbluetest yesterday and uploaded your results at You can see the mean average results there. And you can still upload your results this week.

I was so eager to see the effect of 14 minutes of brisk walking on my blood sugar that I did the test twice. To be honest I did it on Saturday as I knew Sunday I wouldn’t be able to.

I did my usual brisk walk but instead of walking around my local park I walked through a nearby Orthodox neighborhood. 

I did my first test at 10 AM. My blood sugar was 90 mg/dl (yes, I know, a little low for the test, but I had my glucose tabs with me…). After 14 minutes of walking I was at 72. Then came the glucose tablets. I did the test again at the bona fide time, 2 PM, and my blood sugar went from 149 mg/dl to 129. Even I was surprised how just that small amount of brisk walking, both times lowered me 18-20 points. 

I got another benefit, as I always do, from my hour-long power walks. In addition to lowering my blood sugar and keeping me insulin-sensitive, my walks are a time for me to get quiet, to hear my thoughts and just be still while being outside. Saturday, when I did my tests, it was the Sabbath and so the neighborhood I walked through was quiet. The shops were all closed, men and boys were strolling on the streets headed to synogogue. No one spoke loudly. Families gathered. There was a reverence for family, for the day, for our surroundings and it brought back quiet Sundays of my youth growing up in the Bronx and taking walks with my father. I found the quiet joy of the stillness as impactful as my lowered blood sugar.

If you didn’t take the test yesterday, take it today, or sometime this week. See for yourself the effect of 14 minutes of activity on your blood sugar. And, see if it isn’t also a time to be still in a crazy world.

Just remember while 14 minutes of activity lowers blood sugar, if you’re low before you go, like under 100 mg/dl (5.5 mmol/l) you’ll probably want to bring it up before you walk, run, swim or prune the rose bushes. 

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