The diabetes blog-o-sphere keeps growing

Ann Gann a newbie blogger


 I think I once checked and there must be over 1,000 people blogging about diabetes. Woohoo! I began to notice, literally lift up my head from my computer screen, back in May when Karen at Bittersweet put out a call to bloggers to join for a synchronized week of blogging [yes, something like synchronized swimming ;-)] and more than 150 answered the call.

First, here’s to all of us who do this relentless thing we call blogging. Second, let me say how grateful I am that you visit. If not for you, I wouldn’t be here, and this is the place I feel the full freedom to write pretty much whatever comes into my head, and heart.

Third, I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine who began blogging a few months ago over at DiabetesSisters, Ann Gann. Ann and I have a lot in common and also not so much. That’s why you might want to give her blog a read. Like me, Ann is a peer-mentor and goes around the country giving educational talks to fellow patients. Unlike me, she has type 2 diabetes, is a grandma, lives in a small town, battles her weight and wears a pump. She’s a calm voice in an often stormy sea.

Ann has also been running a diabetes cable TV program in her township of Anderson County, Tennessee bringing county diabetes educators, dietitians school health coordinators and other local resources together to help the greater population of two neighboring towns. In a matter of weeks she took on being the producer, host, scriptwriter, project manager and coffee-bearer. Ann thinks she doesn’t do anything special, but I think a sixty-something year old retired school-teacher traversing the country to educate others, producing a TV show and writing a blog are kinda special.

I encourage you every once in a while, if you don’t already, to take a spin around the blog-o-sphere. Everyone brings something else to the party. Here’s Bitter-Sweet’s list of bloggers captured that amazing week we all raised our voices. You’ll also find a chorus of voices at alltop.

Then come on back ya’ll, as Ann would say, and we’ll carry on again.

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