Turning a page at 11:05 PM tonight

Keep the connection going

First, I have to thank everyone for their birthday wishes on my Facebook page today. Quite a delight to see first thing in the morning.

Second, I have to tell you that many people have noticed my infusion site tattoo as I’ve wandered around the big apple this week, giving me the opportunity to enlighten a few folks as to insulin pumping. You should have seen their faces!

Third, a friend once told me that in New Zealand, on your birthday you do nice things for others

So, my first task is to pass along my friend, Manny Hernandez’s (founder of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, tudiabetes and estudiabetes) request for a small donation to keep these amazing social media sites, and the outreach projects Diabetes Hands Foundation does all year, thriving. The work of DHF keeps thousands of us connected and generates continual awareness of diabetes, both inside the community and out. 

With your donation you may receive a copy of the Foundation’s poetry book,No Sugar Added, but you’ll definitely get that lovely feeling of helping others. After I make my donation, I’m going back into the city to return that birthday belt that looked so darn good on the rack and so darn bad once I got it home. Drat!

Happy day everyone.

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