The power of loving yourself from New York to New Mexico


Recently I read about one of my fellow diabetes bloggers who also attends Roche’s social media summit, yet I’ve never known much about the modest, quiet Wil Dubois.  

Wil is a type 1, CDE, author and Diabetes Coordinator for the nonprofit Pecos Valley Medical Center in New Mexico. The clinic serves one of the poorest counties in the U.S., about 1,000 square miles of rural, underprivleged people and relies heavily on state funding. 
Moved by the work Wil has dedicated himself to, I wanted to help. I looked around my bedroom where boxes of books are piled and offered to send him 24 copies of my book, The ABC’s Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes that I had translated into Spanish, El ABC para aprender quererte teniendo diabetes. The book provides 26 lessons to build more emotional strength, and happiness, on this journey we take with diabetes.
Will accepted my offer of books immediately and graciously, and so that afternoon I was standing in the middle of my bedroom furiously packing books and then running them down to FedEx. 
A few days later Wil told me they’d arrived. I asked him to use the books in any way he saw fit — give them to patients, use them working with patients…and to let me know what his patients thought.
He promised to do so and told me one of his colleagues has already made off with a copy. Now that’s sweet. 
As life would have it, just a week after I shipped the books I had the opportunity to thank my two United Nations translators, Georgina Báez-Sommer and Amparo Fernandez, over a Mexicn dinner in the hood. Now that was spicy!

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