Join me for the TCOYD event Rhode Island, September 11th


Join me in Providence, RI

TCOYD, which stands for Taking Control of Your Diabetes, is a non-profit organization that provides one day health fairs all across the country to help people better manage their diabetes. The organization alsobroadcast in-depth discussions with renowned health professionals and patients.

Next month, September 11, if you’re anywhere near Rhode Island, you should attend because I’ll be there presenting. Of course, it’s not the only reason you should come. You’ll hear lectures on facets of diabetes care from your feet to your heart, learn and get some exercise, bond with many others and attend interactive workshops where the learning is personal. It’s a full day affair of fine tuning your diabetes management provided to you by many respected people in the field. All for only $30. Register here.

Joining you will be top physicians, psychologists, educators, foot specialists, exercise physiologists and there’s much to see and do in the exhibition hall including many new devices, products and foods. 

TCOYD was the first diabetes health event I attended way back in the early part of this decade. There I attended, among others, psychologist’s Bill Polonsky’s workshop where I learned something crucial — that diabetes is not the leading cause of heart attack, blindness and amputation but poorly-controlled diabetes is. It made a huge difference to me: 30 years of fear slid down my shoulders and the resolve to master my self-care led me to the healthy regimen I have today. 

I also met a lovely gentleman in the exhibition hall who answered all my questions and then guided me to the peer-mentoring programs I deliver today around the country speaking to fellow patients. 

TCOYD is the labor of love of Dr. Steven Edelman who founded it almost 15 years ago. Dr. Edelman was recognized last year with the ‘Outstanding Educator’ award from the American Diabetes Association.  Edelman himself has lived with type 1 diabetes since the age of 15, and has dedicated his life and work to helping as many people with diabetes as possible to live healthier, happier lives.

My workshop by the way is titled: The ABCs of loving yourself with diabetes and I’m on at 3:30 PM. You’ll discover how to live a life with diabetes where you don’t just cope with diabetes, but actually flourish. If you come, do let me know. I’ll want to say hello. 

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