20th World Diabetes Congress

Just landed home from two weeks in the U.K. where I’m collaborating with an expert in behavioral intervention to help patients better manage diabetes. This promises to be exciting new work in the coming months and something I’ll be writing more about. 

Off again tomorrow morning to theInternational Diabetes Federationconference taking place this year in Montreal. The conference brings together the top researchers in diabetes from around the world. It begins this Sunday, the 18th and finishes on the 22nd. I’ve never been to the IDF conference so it promises to be enlightening. 

If you happen to be there check out the display area where my books will be available. 

Now that I’m still on U.K. time which means I’ve been up forever and the room is beginning to spin, I’m going to say come back next week when my travels will be limited to my walk around the park and shlepping groceries home from the local market

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