Revving up for Diabetes Day, November 14

L1030211Learn and Do on Diabetes Day

This is my last post for a few weeks and so I wanted to leave you with some interesting things to check out and do while I’m gone. And, remind you to come back the end of this month to hear about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. Meanwhile,  as we rev up to November’s Diabetes Month, here are some great ways to start your learning curve now.


1. Check out World Diabetes Day, the new web site Manny Hernandez, founder of TuDiabetesand David Edelman, co-founder with his wife of Diabetes Daily, have created. The site brings greater awareness to diabetes in general and things you can do to be a part of diabetes day, November 14, and spread the word. You’ll find lots of news and lots to read, including blogsfrom an assortment of bloggers, including three from me that will show up throughout the month. 


2. If you’re new to my blog or come sporadically, you might want to read some past posts. Most are timeless since you may have noticed I tend to write about the emotional experience of living with diabetes and how to reframe diabetes, using it as a catalyst to create more health and happiness. 


3. You can listen to my recent podcast on the Diabetes PowerShow. A lively discussion between me and the show’s four passionate hosts about diabetes myths and the emotional resilience needed to live with diabetes, and how to create it. Also available on iTunes.


4. Do your homework, but I promise I won’t collect it. Pay attention over this next month to what you do well in your diabetes care and appreciate your efforts in some tangible way, whether buying yourself a little something or just giving yourself a pat on the back. Also, pay attention to what you could do better and figure out one simple step you are willing and able to take that will help you do better. Take it, look for improvement and write down your improvement. Then go back and buy yourself a little something or give yourself a pat on the back to commend your efforts. 


I’ll see you in late October after I return from the International Diabetes Federation conference in Montreal. Hopefully I’ll be a little more educated and so will you.

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