Secrets to a longer, healthier life

Intrigued already aren’t you? This is just one of the 15 self-assessment quizzes and tools for better managing your health and diabetes on the MayoClinic’s web site. The Secrets quiz asks just 10 questions and while I can tell you the answer doesn’t involve an anti-aging pill, it does involve some basic lifestyle changes– but the quiz will help you personalize what those changes are for you.

I’ve often used the MayoClinic web site as a valued resource for information but wasn’t aware what a plethora of diabetes tools and information it offers. It was actually meeting Julie in Queenstown, New Zealand, while on my recent travels, that I learned more about the MayoClinic’s dedicated diabetes work. Julie, who has type 2 diabetes, participates monthly in a research focus group with the clinic so that they get a fuller perspective on patient issues. 

While diabetes blogs and social networks are mushrooming like a fungus, it never hurts to go back to basics and review treatments, management strategies, coping, and ask questions of specialists from a well-trusted resource such as this.

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