Your contribution & heading West

I said I would and I did. Today I wrote a check to the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (DRI) for $500. DRI is the premiere Institute looking for a cure for diabetes, and half of my donation comes from the sale of my book, The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes-– in other words, from you. Thank you. 

The other news is that I will be on a working vacation over the next five weeks, ’til January 18th. I will continue to post, although at this moment still have to figure out exactly how to do that from New Zealand and Japan! Just to say, posts may be a bit more irregular, you can’t always predict when a herd of sheep may be passing or a friendly native insists you join him at the pub or the local sento. 

Here’s to a very happy holiday and that we all swing into the new year in good health and good cheer. 

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