Knowledge is powerful medicine

Expected release, July 2009


It just amazes me. This very afternoon, not three hours and 46 minutes ago I turned in my manuscript for the book I’ve been writing this year–and it’s already posted on Amazon! Did you miss that? Already posted on Amazon–with a publication date of July, 2009. What can I say. Sometimes the world goes just a bit too fast for me.

I finished my book this afternoon writing a Postscript at the very end that I could only write after reading through the 300 pages I’ve scribed with a clear, objective and fresh editor’s eye. I’ll share part of it with you here:

“As I look back over writing this book: talking with top diabetes experts, conducting my research and having so many fellow patients share with me their personal story, I have learned two things. The first is that having correct information and practical knowledge is a prerequisite for living a healthy life with diabetes. The second is that you have to believe it’s worth the effort to take good care of yourself, and your diabetes, to have that life: one that’s not only healthy, but happy, productive, fluid and fulfilling. 

While it takes a bit of work, when you become the “expert” on your life, and your diabetes, you win the prize—the ability to live a more simple and ordinary life, just like anyone else.”

That is the prize, I have realized, to live a simple life and enjoy all its pleasures without always feeling like you’re carrying a monkey on your back. 

So, look for 50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life: And the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It next summer. I do believe it will be a break away hit, maybe not a summer beach read, but surely one of the best books out there to separate fact from fiction and appeal to your curiosity. And besides, it’s chock full of stories from fellow patients, including me. 

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