Diabetes standards of care, 2023

I think endocrinologist and Professor, Anne Peters, is a warrior out there fighting the good fight as she has all her career. Her credentials and advocacy are beyond impressive. In her clinical practice she tends to people with diabetes in economically disadvantaged East Los Angeles.

Here, she gives the update to the Diabetes Standards of Care. What strikes me is how oriented we are to solve everything with medicine. For instance in the Netherlands, and I happen to know this because it is the husband’s home country, depression is first treated with walks in nature and music. Interesting.

From this video, I was quickly reminded if you have type 2 diabetes you’re likely on anywhere between six and ten pills, there’s barely a mention of psychosocial support, and the lower targets and plethora of medicines that form the standards make me wonder, “Who is truly benefitting?” I don’t have the answer, but this video begs the question – for me.

4 thoughts on “Diabetes standards of care, 2023

  1. Hi Riva,
    As per usual, your observations are spot on. Diabetes is the #1 contributor to polypharmacy in the US. Our medical care system just seems obsessed with the latest and greatest diabetes drugs or devices when, as you note, the mental part should have primacy (a perspective emphasized in my book that you and Bou so kindly and competently helped me with).

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