Lisbon IDF World Congress reception

Above some of the wonderful diabetes advocates who made the conference possible

I haven’t posted in three weeks as I recently spent 9 days in Lisbon, part of those attending the International Diabetes Federation World Congress and then 9 days in London in bitter cold temps, rain and trains, nurses and Heathrow baggage handlers on strike.

It was the first trip out of the country the husband and I have taken, and we both contracted major colds. Mine continues to lay me low, so this will be short.

In Lisbon at the conference I had the honor to be one of the facilitators of a group of 20 plus people with diabetes to learn what they do well and what obstacles they run into managing their care. It was a lively and eye-opening session. It may also become a journal article. In a second session I also shared, along with two other panel members, any wisdom I have about living with diabetes for five decades.

As the conference is over, I thought I’d share the Poster the husband and I submitted. A quick read that once again dispels this notion that we should tell people to control their blood sugar and their diabetes. Have a look, and I’ll try to get past this cold.

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