The “Glucose Goddess” has 4 hacks for you

Two weeks ago I heard Jessie Inchauspe, who goes by the name “Glucose Goddess”, interviewed on the Dhru Purohit podcast. It’s podcast #90 released March 31st of this year. I found the content illuminating. I learned brown rice isn’t necessarily better than white regarding blood sugar rises, and eating your meal in a certain order, particularly not grabbing the bread first thing, can save you a glucose spike.

She also has an interview on YouTube, “How High Blood Sugar Wrecks Your Health.” Inchauspe is a biochemist and has long been studying the effect of food on our health. Of course it all began with her personal story of how she discovered what she ate as a teen was causing various conditions and a broken back at 19.

Much of her learning comes from wearing a CGM (as a person without diabetes) and seeing what food did to her blood sugar. When asked why a person without diabetes should bother about their glucose levels, Inchauspe says she discovered 80% of people with out diabetes do experience glucose spikes and crashes. Her motivation, she says, is to help people who don’t wear a CGM, most of the world, have more insight into how food affects their blood sugar and take actions to help avoid those spikes and crashes.

This morning the Goddess Inchauspe shares four hacks in the article, “Surprising Hacks To Balance Blood Sugar That Don’t involve Changing Your Diet,” in the journal “mindbodygreen.”

Here’s the gist, but I recommend reading the article to understand why. Inchauspe also has a book out, Glucose Revolution. I put it on hold at my local library, I think I’m number 37 on the list! Obviously lots of people want to know the details when it comes to what we eat and our blood sugar

4 Hacks

  1. Eat Your Meal in Order (as I mentioned above). “Science shows that if you eat the constituents of a meal in a specific order, you can reduce the glucose spike of the meal by 75%,” says Inchauspe.
  2. Put Clothes on Your Carbs. When eating carbs, eat them with some protein, fiber or fat to help lessen a blood sugar spike.
  3. Beware of Sneaky Spikers. For example, sweetened yogurts and rice cakes.
  4. Move your Muscles. It just takes 10 minutes of movement after a meal to steady the glucose rise.

If you’ve read my blog or articles you know I argue we can’t “control” blood sugar. That said, I’ll take every weapon in my arsenal to make it a little easier to work with.

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