Online health professionals for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes

This is a fairly new telehealth service you might be interested in. This guest post comes from Anna Barchevskaia who reached out to me from DiaStrong.

You know there’s a lot to do living with diabetes: check your blood sugar, choose the healthier option at dinner, exercise, call your endocrinologist, change your pump, pack the right supplies, and so forth. It can be overwhelming, it can be tiring, and it can be isolating. 

Now there’s a place online to help people with their diabetes – DiaStrong. It’s the first diabetes-focused telehealth service that can help you move forward, step-by-step, towards better diabetes management. 

DiaStrong gives you access to diabetes providers – certified diabetes educators, registered dietitians, nutritionists, fitness and physical therapists, even wellness practitioners who offer stress management and reiki! In addition to regular assessment consultations, you can get help dealing with your insulin pump, designing a personalized meal plan, manage your stress, sleep and blood sugar or even work with a fitness trainer.

DiaStrong is a one-stop online resource where you can get care that’s easy to access, personalized, don’t-leave-your-couch convenient and focused on your specific diabetes needs. Not only does DiaStrong make diabetes care more accessible, but being virtual, it reduces wait times. You can see a provider as soon as 24 hours after you book your appointment. Gone are the days of waiting to see a health professional, commuting to appointments, or sitting for an hour in a waiting room. 

We at DiaStrong understand that lifestyle specialists, such as dietitians and personal trainers, can be expensive so we offer free 15-minute introductory sessions with all our providers. We want you to find a provider who you feel good about working with. This free session allows you to meet, discuss your needs, learn what benefit they can offer you, and understand the process without pulling out your credit card. 

Let us help make your diabetes journey more successful. To learn more visit DiaStrong and have a look around.  

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