The untold story: 49 years of type 1 diabetes

I was up to my neck in health ailments some months ago, I imagine it’s sort of how I must have felt when I donned this pot on my head. When I could no longer stand my health issues, I wrote about them; what creeps up on you after living with type 1 diabetes for 49 years. Excerpt below:

“We who live with T1D all learn pretty quickly (SHOCKER HERE): It’s not about the shots. It is about the 180 decisions per dayTrusted Source medical journals say we make to manage our blood sugar. It is about how this daily decision-making puts our nervous systems into constant hypervigilance. 

It is about fearing the major complications I was told in my hospital bed at age 18 that would befall me: heart attack, kidney disease, amputation, blindness. Scared silly for weeks afterward, I went to sleep opening and closing my eyes, testing what the world would be like if I could no longer see it. Need I tell you I was an art major?”

Full story published on Healthline today, click here. I think it’s an important contribution to annotating the long-term experience of type 1 diabetes.

6 thoughts on “The untold story: 49 years of type 1 diabetes

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences in your recent “untold story: 49 years…”. I could not believe the number of parallel experiences we have in our decades living with T1D–I’m a bit behind you in my 36 yeaSPrs with it. I wish you all the best and look forward to reading more of your works.

  3. Thanks for this article. I laughed and I cried. This December will mark 56 years for me with this constant companion. Definitely not the shots but the continual mental aerobics of dealing with it. I have experience much of what you have and for the duration of the article the relief of not being alone.

  4. After 32 years of T1D myself, this article is an amazing representation of my feelings and fights everyday. It touched on so many concerns that I have, as well as many things that I knew in my heart but just didn’t know how to put into words for my loved ones. Thank you so much for the amazing article!

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