A loving note to all our type 3s

When I got my Dexcom CGM, the idea of sharing my numbers wasn’t difficult. I like the idea of someone else looking out for me. But he knew it was an adjustment. So the first time he saw on his watch that I was low, he quickly said, “Your blood sugar’s 63!” Then he paused and added, “Does it bother you that I tell you that?” I paused and said, “Not yet!” We laughed, and frankly no it’s never bothered me, whether he catches it before me, or not.

I took this photo just now while we were chatting. If you look closely you’ll notice a small bright blue something with white letters on it in his pocket. I took this photo because I realized that little something is a plastic container that holds four glucose tablets.

Several years ago, the husband decided whenever we went out that he would carry that container of glucose tablets. He told me, “I know there’s not much I can do to help you, but this is one thing I can do.” When I took this photo I realized that he carries that container around in our small one bedroom apartment too.

Thank you husband. And thank you all our type 3s (loved ones) out there who love and support us. There isn’t a type 3 day that I know of but maybe there should be. Those of us who have them know how lucky we are.

2 thoughts on “A loving note to all our type 3s

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