The importance of glucose management in the hospital and how poorly it’s done

You probably know people with diabetes, both type 1 and 2, are 3-4x more likely to have severe outcomes from COVID-19 if they end up in the hospital. This situation is worsened by the fact that hospital care does not score stellar marks for helping us keep our blood sugar in range.

I attended a Glytec webinar about just this the other day. Glytec is a software company in the business of helping hospitalists manage patients’ glucose in the hospital. I took a screenshot of just a few slides that make the major point – if you end up in the hospital with COVID, or frankly for any reason, if you can, keep your blood sugar management in your own hands and have an advocate argue that with you if necessary. Chances are they’re not yet using Glytec’s software.

It also pays to have a letter from your doctor stating your condition, medicines you take and that if you are capable, you should be the primary person to manage your blood sugar.

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