Big news: A new test to see if you’re at risk for type 1 diabetes

Just got this news from the JDRF. It’s an enormous benefit in families that already have a member with type 1 diabetes (T1D). And maybe even more so in families that have no member with T1D, like I was. 85% of T1D diagnoses happen to people with no family connection to the disease.

You can order a test here. It’s a simple blood test that screens for whether you have type 1 diabetes autoantibodies. If you have them, it means you are at a very early stage of T1D and likely to develop the full-blown condition and become insulin dependent over several years.

JDRF says having this early information can help families/adults plan and prepare before symptoms occur. This can help avoid life-threatening conditions like ketoacidosis and possible hospitalization. Also, it’s a run in the ladder of JDRF-funded research pursuing therapies that can intervene and disrupt the disease’s progression before insulin dependency begins.

The test is available to anyone of any age. Check the steps to get the test to your home. There is a fee and you will need to provide payment.

One thing to note: tests are not currently available to those who live in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. JDRF is working to make these available as quickly as possible. You can check the website for availability or email

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