Here’s to a turkey-less, people-less Thanksgiving

It’s not surprising that a lot of families this year will be separated, or that you might be having Thanksgiving just with your immediate household. Here it’s just me and the husband. And, since I’ve never used my 12 year old oven for more than storing pots and pans (typical Seinfeld), it’s also a turkey-less Thanksgiving. But we’re still thankful.

Especially because I’m making one of the husband’s favorites, my low carb almond flour crust pizza (pictured above) Last time I discussed this dish, with my cousin, she emphatically told me I wasn’t making pizza at all! “Where’s the cheese?” she yelled. “Where’s the sauce?” she laughed. You call that pizza!

I will give her the point, maybe it’s not pizza, but it is round and I do cut it in 8 triangular slices – and that’s enough for me. Use the recipe linked above and add whatever topping you like. I dice whatever vegetables I have in the house like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale, mix with olive oil, red pepper and a little salt and pile on top for the second cooking. Sometimes I’ll also make a pesto to throw on top and avocado slices.

For those, however, who are going traditional today, this seemed carb chart is a great service from Beyond Type 1. Enjoy, count your blessings and be thankful for whatever you do have, no matter what your poison.

2 thoughts on “Here’s to a turkey-less, people-less Thanksgiving

  1. My youngest agrees with your cousin. I laughed. If it is in a flat dish, aka crust, that is good enough for me, as well!!! Being able to eat the dishes is a plus anytime!!
    What a GREAT chart. Alas, I didn’t visit here til after the holidays, but it will be useful for leftovers and any more days of larger meals. Thank you and YOU are one of those i am thankful for.

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