Talking Type 1 diabetes on the Talking Type 1 podcast

My chat with Daniel here.

I had the good fortune to be interviewed by Daniel Newman. Part of that good fortune was listening to his lovely British accent, part was his genuine curiosity, generosity and incisive questions during our talk. In short, he knows how to have a refreshingly open, inquisitive conversation. Daniel, a fellow T1D, publishes these beautiful learning experiences for all on the Talking Type 1 podcast.

Daniel and I talk about my living with T1D more than 48 years, what changed when I saw a diabetes educator after 32, how to have a better conversation with your HCP, the current paradigm of healthcare and everything in-between.

I am Daniel’s 19th podcast interview. Enjoy them all; they’re perfect company on a walk, in the car or cooking dinner. Especailly if you have a penchant for a British accent.

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