My first success restarting a Dexcom G6 sensor

I may have already written about this – restarting your sensor. But admittedly, the first two times I tried to do it, it failed. Once, completely, the second time I only got 2.5 days extra and then it went downhill.

But, I’ve just come off my first successful restart. A full second round of 10 days, with first round accuracy. I believe there are two reasons for my success, and they are also the reasons for my failure. So, if you try this following the video, note:

  1. Take a photo of the code, don’t enter the numbers manually. That means keep the little piece of paper with the code on it when you first put on your sensor.

Actually, I was visiting my mom in Connecticut when I wanted to restart my sensor, and I had kept the paper with the code, but it was back home. My husband took a photo of it and sent me the photo. Feeling very daredevil, I held my phone up to the photo of the code, and wham, it registered it!

2. Wait an hour after your first session ends to start your second session. I don’t know if you have to wait that long, I’ve seen people say wait 15 minutes, but an hour makes me feel safer.

Good luck. I can’t guarantee it will work every time, or any time, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

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