A type 1 diabetes podcast to keep you company

I’ve been remiss at posting lately. I’ll blame it on my general horror and utter fatigue with what’s happening in this country, and the world. The West Coast is on fire, the White House is too, and it’s hard to keep truckin’ at times and not let it affect me. But, prevail we must.

On my walk today I listened to my friend, Valerie, who was interviewed by a lovely UK gentleman, Daniel Newman. Daniel launched The Talking Type 1 Podcast over the past several months and you can tune in for roughly a 40 minute discussion between him and his T1D guest. Daniel also has T1D and a lovely British accent.

Hearing his conversation with Valerie this morning, walking along my local park (thank goodness for the greenery) to my local library, was not only educational but soothing. Valerie and Daniel both exude calm. I learned more about Valerie’s ups and downs with her diabetes against the backdrop of an eating disorder she’s since moved past, what she’s learned and even a dip into health equity and social justice issues, her passion and work.

If you’re looking for people’s stories with type 1 diabetes, like to learn something whie you’re traveling or want to take a break from current events, have a listen. It will make your own journey with diabetes a little bit less bedeviled.

Spoiler alert: Valerie recommended Daniel also feature me on his podcast. That will likely be made available in the next few weeks and when it is I’ll post it here.

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