Grieving for my city, the epicenter of the coronavirus

I wrote on ThriveGlobal what it’s been like to live where I live, New York City. We are the epicenter of the coronavirus.

Today’s briefing by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, told us the number of deaths in NY state is over 10,000. The good news is hospitalizations are lessening. The bad news is frankly incalculable, and there may be a second, and even third, wave.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo giving his daily press briefing

My husband and I have been “sheltering in place” or “on pause” as Cuomo calls it for four weeks. We began March 12 when we learned someone in our small building had the virus.

Just the night before my husband, who is Dutch, suggested, “Maybe we should leave for Holland. I think we’ll be safer there.” I couldn’t imagine what was coming. I couldn’t imagine packing, getting on a flight, leaving my 90-year-old mother – so here we are. Here, in the epicenter of the storm…

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One thought on “Grieving for my city, the epicenter of the coronavirus

  1. This is beautiful. I follow a couple of NYC bloggers and the strength in each of you is incredible. I’m proud to know of your courage and how you share it. Thank you!!!

    I think the scariest part of this virus is the knowledge that our west coast is contemplating opening up the states. The letter to west coast folks said they will focus on data…which does NOT exist. However, if we focus on people in the hospitals, perhaps it does. The other scary part is my leaving my family with the mess of what mom left me with and I’ve not been able to complete. I’d go back to Alaska in a second…but I have to GET there!

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