Preventive Measures During CoronaVirus 19

Unknown.png  Things to do to safeguard yourself

First I’m going to tell you I can’t authentic the information I’m going to give you here. A good friend sent me an audio based on research the Chinese have so far on the virus. They now have a better handle on how the virus behaves.

Below are 11 steps they advise we take to keep our airways open and to help prevent getting the virus. The virus obstructs respiratory airways, so to have medicine work one needs to keep their airways open.

Our fright is like a runaway train. Most people who get the virus will get a mild case and be fine. The problem is with so many people getting the virus, those who get a severe case and need hospital care will not be able to enter the hospital. There will be no beds or health care providers available. This is already the situation in New York City, my home. So do your best to avoid needing to be in the hospital.

Here are recommendations to safeguard yourself and loved ones:

  1. Wash hands for 20 seconds. Wash hands every time you come in from outside.
  1. Drink lots of hot liquids, ie, tea, coffee, soups, warm water. Reason below.
  1. Take a sip of warm water often throughout the day, even every half hour. Warm and hot liquids send any virus germs that may be in your mouth into your stomach where your gastric juices neutralize the germs before they can get to your lungs.
  1. Gargle with vinegar, lemon or salt in hot water every day
  1. The virus attaches itself to hair and clothing. Soap and detergent kills it. When you come in from the street, take a bath/shower. Don’t sit down when you come inside, go straight to the shower.
  1. If you’ve been in a crowded place (which you shouldn’t be!) wash your clothes when you get inside or hang them in direct sunlight which neutralizes the virus.
  1. Wash metalic surfaces. The virus stays active on metallic surfaces for 9 days
  2. Be vigilant about touching handrails, doorknobs etc. Wipe them down regularly in your own home.
  1. Eat fruits and vegetables. Consider taking vitamin C and zinc to strengthen your immune system.
  1. Avoid eating/drinking cold things. Again, warm liquids and foods will move the virus away from the lungs, cold will not.
  1. The virus typically enters through your throat. Be cautious if you feel a sore throat coming on. 

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