Dexcom and I, it’s a love/hate relationship

I see this warning below and I already feel a loss, my special friend is leaving me. I know that until I put on a new sensor (I use the G6) I’ll miss you terribly, wonder what my blood sugar is several times an hour and be frustrated beyond description that I don’t know. Yes, I love you Dexcom.

Then again, often, when your little arrow is inclined or declined I make a premature decision not to my benefit. I take more insulin or eat something to stop the rise or cushion the fall. Yet five minutes later you laugh at me, hurling a straight line at me saying, “only kidding.” How many times will it take me to learn to check the last three black dots and judge the momentum, fast or slow, as Stephen Ponder of Sugar Surfing told me to do. It’s good advice.

So, until we get on the dance floor again, yes, I need a day or two just to chill – so nothing gets in my way while putting on my shirt or heaving my knapsack over my shoulder – I’ll brave the uncertain. Hating it and loving the freedom.


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