Hedia is making flourishing with diabetes easier – and shares my personal story

Hedia is perhaps the next generation of diabetes apps now available in Denmark and the UK. They aim to offer their services in the U.S. later this year. They approached me to share my experience living with diabetes and flourishing with the condition in a post.


The husband and I on our recent trip through South Korea and Japan

It’s quite ironic really, well the Danish part. Copenhagen appears a little hotbed of flourishing. The Steno Diabetes Institute  has invited me twice to share the Flourishing Approach. Why ironic? Because Copenhagen was where I gained 15 pounds my junior year abroad when I discovered the creamiest vanilla soft serve ice cream and decadent open face chocolate sandwiches.

Today I skill health professionals who work with people who have diabetes in a more humanistic approach, to help them help people with diabetes flourish. It’s joyful work. Living with diabetes, well, as you probably know, holds both highs and lows – every day and every blood sugar. Below a brief excerpt the post:

Could you tell us how you’re coping when having a tough day with diabetes? “Bad days take the wind out of me. I’m disappointed or frustrated by my blood sugars, they’re doing something totally unexpected, or I’m worried that a twinge or a tingle somewhere in my body means I’m getting a complication…”

Full post.

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