New nasal glucagon spray approved by FDA




Baqsimi, (yes, where do they get these names from?) has just gotten FDA approval and that’s great news. Great news. Now, for the first time ever, there will be a fairly easy solution for a severe low.



Baqsimi is glucagon in nasal powder form, delivered in a puff through a nasal spray bottle. No difficulty mixing up dry and wet ingredients like today’s glucagon, much reduced nervousness from the person who is going to spray this in your nose as opposed to stick a needle in your body.

It’s supposed to be on the market in retail pharmacies in a month. Eligible commercially insured people with diabetes can pay as little as $25 for up to two BAQSIMI devices (1 two-pack or 2 one-packs) if you use the savings card. That’s all I know about the pricing. I don’t know if Medicare will cover it but I do intend to find out. And I don’t know if it only has a one year shelf life. If anyone does know, please do tell.

Baqsimi is being brought to market by Eli Lilly after acquiring Locemia, the small start up that began work on the product four years ago. At the time I was helping with the copy and branding. So I am personally delighted to see this product green lighted.

For more information.


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