Be careful of extreme temps. They ruin your insulin.


Just a gentle reminder that in these dog days of summer, it’s in the high 90’s in New York and tomorrow will be 100 F, insulin can go bad. The same is true if insulin freezes.

You can see above that I keep my two insulins, Fiasp on the left and Tresiba on the right, in separate vessels. Given how much the pens resemble each other, separating them helps. I also store them upside down so I can see the color difference that also helps distinguish them.

However, I don’t normally keep these containers where you see them. Normally they’re on my kitchen counter. But since I spent the better part of today baking – keto rolls and biscotti – I realized my insulin pens would stay cooler in the living room where they’d also be nearer the air conditioner. So, that’s where they are, and where they’ll stay until this heat wave breaks.

If you’re curious, the little blue and white houses behind them are ceramic gifts you get flying business class on KLM. They contain Geneva, a Dutch gin. Given the husband has flown back and forth to Holland on business the past 17 years, although he normally flies coach, we still have managed to erect a small town ;-). I can’t tell you about the gin however as we’ve never opened one.


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