The language of diabetes and diabetes-speak

Of all that’s happened in diabetes this year, it was also the year of bringing people’s attention to the judgmental language embedded in our diabetes culture. I offer congratulations to the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators who jointly created a white paper on the topic. Among the paper’s recommendations is replacing “diabetic” with “people with diabetes.” Replacing  “test” blood sugar with “check” blood sugar. To never, ever label people with diabetes as “non-adherent” or “non-compliant” and, in general, to use language that is factually correct and judgment free.

That said, there is another language in diabetes. It’s the talk that goes on between those of us who tread water every day with this condition.

My friend just emailed me with this photo of her pump. The photo came with this message, “Just when I’m feeling like I’ve eaten too much and not been exercising…my pump responds with this.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 8.15.41 PM.png

You’re wondering what this means. She and I have been talking about noticing the number “111” on her pump and my CGM over the past weeks. Why? Because 111 is called an angel number, a symbol of spiritual awakening, pointing you to your purpose in life. We think it kinda fits us and we think noticing how frequently it shows up is a hoot.

So I of course wrote her back in diabetes-speak —

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 7.53.15 PM.png

Shall we just say I had to laugh when this came up for me this morning —

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 7.59.14 AM.png


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