HuffPost #6 – The Antidote to Living with Diabetes

On this Sunday evening, I hope to send you off to sleep with reason to congratulate yourself. You work hard managing diabetes, own what you do.

I first wrote this article for a creative expression contest run by Eli Lilly many years ago. I later included it in a HuffPost that today makes the sixth of my top 10 posts I’m recalling here.

As I was told by a wise man when I did volunteer work at a diabetes clinic for the poor in Bangalore, India, “Be good, do good, feel good.”


Final. The antidote to diabetes - Living Proud

3 thoughts on “HuffPost #6 – The Antidote to Living with Diabetes

  1. I’m going to star this in my inbox. Thank you for being the encouragement you are. For teaching. For giving. I was diagnosed right after HS graduation. I get so angry with mum’s diabetes. She says I don’t know what I’m talking about….Granted, she has most of her pancreas gone, but I’m pretty sure her odd snacks are more of a reason for her highs than the barometer or the pain she’s in or even her tumor marker numbers.

  2. I have been type 2 diabetic for the last more than 25 years and one of the major topics of discussion in the various forums I have joined for information and support is the scanty of coordination of health service providers like medical doctors, dieticians psychologists, psychiatrists and so on as a team to tackle the killer but preventable disease. The biggest antidote to living with diabetes will be enhanced when all the areas related to the treatment of diabetes will be harmonized.

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