Speaking at Stanford Medx in April, plus HuffPost #5 – The Engines of Chronic Care


Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 4.32.33 PM.pngApril 28-30 I’ll be at Stanford Medicine X presenting the Flourishing Treatment Approach (FTA) I’ve been sharing the FTA with providers around the world these past three years.

The conference is new for me, but seems perfectly aligned with what I’ve been doing. Stanford Medx claims the territory – the intersection between practitioner and patient. This April’s theme: create disruption in medical education through partnership with patients and interprofessional collaboration. Indeed!

My disruption, the FTA, addresses how most HCPs world with people who have chronic illness. Their treatment is based on machine-thinking, not what works for humans. I don’t blame anyone, it’s what they’ve learned.

Practitioners are trained almost exclusively in delivering acute care where machine-values – precision, accuracy, perfection, cause and effect – are worth striving for. But for treating people with chronic conditions we need values that speak to human striving:  relationship, trust, safety, strengths, connection inspiration. We need not scalpels and band aids but trust, partnership, dialogue and meeting people where they are. These qualities are what move more people to invest in their daily care.

So today, I share with you my fifth HuffPost article in my line up of top 10: The Engines of Chronic Care: Hardware and Heartware. Below a brief excerpt:

“We know when providers express empathy their, and their patients’, outcomes improve. Peer-mentoring also improves patients’ management and clinical outcomes, and, with the lowest-tech device imaginable — another human being to listen, engage and connect with.

So why is heartware overlooked?…”

Full article here



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