Low glycemic index treats for people with diabetes

Of late, I’ve been sent, with my permission, three different food items that claim to be low glycemic index. This is not a post to contest that. They are. I just want to share what they are so you know and can decide whether you’d like to try them yourself.

Tom & Jenny’sThey produce caramels that are frankly luscious and sugar-free. I don’t typically eat caramels, but if you do, I think you’ll be very happy.  Jenny is a dentist who wanted to bring her patients a candy that wouldn’t stick to their teeth or contain sugar. Tom left his career as a management consultant to become their Chief Candy  Officer. Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 2.23.53 PM.png

I was sent two bags – the plain caramels and chocolate. I brought them to a luncheon of 22 people and handed them around. There was only one dissenter and most wanted more. Needless to say they’re long gone so I can’t tell you how many carbs are in each caramel, but I’m sure if you write to Tom he’ll let you know.

FiberPasta – Mary Rose, a CDE, sent me a note on Facebook asking if I’d like to try these pasta and biscotti products made in Italy and made with high protein, high fiber and low carbs. Of course I would. The pasta’s glycemic index is 29 (compared to typical 40), with 15 grams of fiber and 12 of protein. In all honesty it tasted fine, although a bit bland, so I only tried it once. I just don’t eat much pasta. But if you’re looking for low glycemic index pasta you should try it. Now, the almond biscotti (11 grams of carb in 2), I loved. Not sweet and gorgeously nutty.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 2.27.59 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-03 at 2.27.30 PM.png

Raw Amour – These chocolate truffles (I was sent two packages – the certified low glycemic and the coffee flavor) come six in a pack. The low glycemic truffles have a glycemic index of just 6. The package was a little misleading as it says, ‘Delicious Organic Truffles for Dark Chocolate Lovers.’ That surprised not just me but also Kyle, whom I shared them with (another T1D) last night, since they taste mostly of cashew butter, which was in the center while surrounded by what looked and tasted like milk chocolate. I’ve since been told they’ll be named ‘Cashew Truffles’ which is appropriate.

The coffee flavored, which I haven’t tried yet, does contain raw agave and maple sugar, yet still has a glycemic index of 15.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 2.40.32 PM.png

According to Raw Amour’s website, they’re the only certified organic low glycemic chocolate in the marketplace. You can also read this review on One Drop where the reviewer tested the carb impact, feeling true amour for Raw Amour.


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