Flourishing Treatment Approach cited as game-changer in “On the Cutting Edge”

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This month’s issue of Diabetes Care and Education’s On the Cutting Edge (screen shot above) features game-changers in healthcare – how it’s administered, taught, innovated upon. Topics include patient-generated health data, teaching culinary skills in medical school and unique partnerships in diabetes – along with our article.

This is the second piece the hubby and I have written for this nutrition and dietetics peer-reviewed journal. You can access the full article if you are a member. Should you be, or interested to become, here is the website. This particular issue is 2016/Volume37/Number 6.

To give you a taste of the Flourishing Treatment Approach, here is the Abstract from our article:

The predominant treatment approach today for people with diabetes focuses on the biomedical aspects of the condition. We term this disease-centered approach the “Coping Treatment Approach” (CTA). Its aim is to treat the disease and, thereby, help people cope with diabetes. This article examines a fresh perspective and new approach, the “Flourishing Treatment Approach” (FTA). This relationship-centered approach is based on salutogenesis, the causes of health, rather than the pathogenesis of the disease. The FTA provides a strengths-based, customized framework for wellness to emerge. This game-changing philosophy and practice includes practical tools for health professionals to improve patient outcomes.

I am soon leaving for Israel where I will be presenting the Flourishing Treatment Approach, and facilitating a workshop on its skills, for the Israel Diabetes Educators Association. This game-changer in healthcare has resonated with many who work with people who have diabetes.

When the journal was published, I received a postcard from the editor:

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It’s a gift to work with like-minded and supportive colleagues. I hope you too feel you have many gifts, of the immaterial kind, as we hold those we love close and reflect on our blessings this holiday season.

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