Angels sitting on my shoulder


Rummaging through my top drawer this morning, that sooo needs to be cleaned out, I came across something I’ve had for decades – a pack of Angel cards. Remember those?

Each tiny card in the tiny box has an angel drawn on it and a spiritual quality written – like compassion, integrity, faith, gratitude, humility…The idea is to pick a card a day and meditate on that quality bringing it into your day.

I immediately picked a card and got Expectancy. My first thought was how could Expectancy not be selfish? Yet when I passed the card a few minutes later and saw it again, I felt my whole body lift slightly, feel more buoyant. I smiled as an automatic response. Expectancy was thrumming through me, and making me happy.

I didn’t know what to be expectant about but liked holding the feeling of expecting something good (my choice). Expecting something good makes you feel good. One could say most of our negative thoughts are merely feelings of expecting something bad.

Then I thought why not share with the husband? I brought the cards out from the bedroom, extended them to him face down and had him pick a card. He picked “Freedom.”   And of course now it makes perfect sense.

He should feel free to give me any gift of his choosing and I’ll be awaiting with joyful expectancy 😉

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