Spring in Europe and Japan

While this UnitedHealthcare/Medtronic travesty (see post below) has been going on, I’ve been traveling. Two events have taken me to Europe and Japan. The first was my brother in law’s birthday/retirement party in The Netherlands. The second is an invitation to speak in Munich in a few weeks to a global gathering of Roche pharma executives.

I met the husband in Prague to begin the journey. In between being in Europe and returning to Europe, I managed to stow away in my husband’s luggage to accompany him to Tokyo, where he has business and both of us lived thirty years ago.

And while I’m not going to go into any details, I thought it fun to post a few photos. There are more photos and more details about this trip on my Facebook page.

I will say the photo standing behind a jeweler’s table on the Charles Bridge in Prague was because while trying to remember to pack all my meds, syringes, lancets and meter, I forgot my wedding ring! Silver maker, Renata, a lovely and gifted Czech artist, solved the problem! 😉


Hope everyone is having a happy spring.


Prague street.png




Dutch humor.png


Dutch square.png


Leiden nite.png




Food J.png





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